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Supply you with the top-class digital advertising platforms and competitive advertising screen hardware.

Want to have that fancy digital signage and advertising? 

Our exclusive and unique dedicated range of Plug and Play High Definition LED digital advertising screens featuring their built-in HD media player meaning that they require no additional hardware such as PC's, DVD players, excess cables or software to promote your business. You simply load your media onto a USB stick, insert into the display, once the upload is complete, remove the USB stick and you are good to go. 

Our screen is simple to install and with just one plug you have a dedicated and updatable solution ready to deliver your message instantly.

Low energy and consumption makes these 24/7 commercial screens cost effective to use in reception areas, doctor and dentist surgery's, retail stores, libraries, tourist information, automotive showrooms, and many more.

Email us now and we'll survey your shop and work out what is best for your needs.

Here's what we have.

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