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one-stop shop for commercial LED Screen solutions

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We’re Here to consolidate all your screen needs

LED Screen

LED Screen Purchase and Installation: Seamless, Customized Solutions

At Yoropi, we specialize in tailored LED screen solutions that simplify your experience. Say goodbye to the hassle of coordinating with multiple partners and navigating complex challenges. Our team handles everything from unique design to professional installation, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Our top-notch LED screens have illuminated some of London's most prestigious locations, such as the vibrant Spitalfields Market and the Kings Cross Canal. These renowned venues trust us for our quality and reliability, and now, you can too.

YOROPI QHD Mobile Screen

LED Screen Rental: Tailor-Made for Unforgettable Viewing Experiences

We're committed to elevating your events with our range of LED screen rental options. Whether it's our sleek, custom-built box screens or our innovative mobile trailer screens, we've got the perfect solution to suit every need and captivate your audience.

Exciting news: We've recently introduced the UK's first and only QHD mobile screen! This groundbreaking product brings an unprecedented level of clarity and detail to your events, setting a new standard in visual excellence.


Achieve a higher ROI with advertising revenue

Turning cost into revenue

Advertising Plugins

Our service extends far beyond just providing LED screens. We open doors to the latest advertising revenue opportunities for our clients. Our close connections with top-tier 5A agencies and leading UK and international brands place us at the forefront of the evolving out-of-home advertising landscape.

In an era where the physical and digital worlds are merging, leveraging the power of digital advertising has never been more crucial. With our expertise, your venues can tap into this dynamic ecosystem, transforming your LED screen investment into a source of continuous revenue.

YOROPI Programmatic Dynamic LED System

Added value

Unveiling a Distinctive modern, efficient and low maintenance player system. 

When you choose Yoropi for your LED screen needs, whether it's a purchase or a rental, we go the extra mile. Enjoy a complimentary license of the industry's leading broadcaster player software*, adding even more value to your investment.

*This offer of a free license period is tailored based on your purchase amount and is fully at Yoropi's discretion. It's our way of saying thank you and ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal to maximize the impact of your LED screens.

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