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High brightness and high energy saving Outdoor LED panels

Outdoor LED Screen

 1.91mm and 3.91mm

Pixel Pitch


Average Energy Consumption

A high-resolution canvas for impactful visual messaging in all round weather. 

Enhance your visual messaging with our innovative P1.91 and P3.91 outdoor LED screen panels. The dynamic display is designed to deliver unparalleled clarity and vibrancy in the outdoor environments, seamlessly blending superior technology with durability. 

Light weight and rapid serviceable indoor LED panels

 1.91mm and 3.91 mm

Pixel Pitch


Panel Weight

Yoropi's LED screens are designed for versatility and ease of installation, thanks to their lightweight aluminium casing. This innovation opens up endless possibilities, allowing for the mounting of large LED screens on a wide range of weight-bearing walls. Whether it's the expansive walls of a huge shopping mall or the cozy confines of a roadside coffee shop, our screens adapt seamlessly to your space.

Additionally, our unique fast lock fixing feature enhances creative possibilities. It enables custom designs in various shapes and curves, perfectly tailored to complement the unique contours of your walls.

Indoor LED Screen

Showcase the London Spitalfields market Project

Place: Spitalfields Market, London

Installation date: June, 2022

Screen Dimension: 6m x 3m double sided

LED Panel Spec: pitch 3.91mm, IP65, 5000 nits

Other features: bespoke speaker cases, fail save hanging structure, TV content, automated ambience lightness sensor, etc.

Spitalfields market
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